Case Study: Be the Wall Parent Initiative

The Be the Wall campaign is a parent initiative design by PG Creative for Drug Free Charlotte County (DFCC) and the state of Florida in 2009.

This popular campaign encourages parents to stand up to their teenaged children when it comes to underage drinking and “Be the Wall” between them and alcohol. The campaign consists of various phases of posters, a website and a full range of promotional items. The campaign informs parents about the importance of preventing underage drinking, including the effects on the teen brain and provides useful tips.

The campaign was originally implemented in various counties in the state of Florida, but became so popular that DFCC began making it available for licensing outside the state. Today dozens of coalitions have implemented the campaign in communities from coast to coast. If you are interested in learning more about the Be the Wall campaign or licensing it for your community, please contact Chrissy Bynum of DFCC at (941) 255-0808, ext. 3205.