Case Study: Fairfield University Alcohol Campaign

Fairfield University approached PG Creative to develop a name for their student organization and create a communications campaign that encourages responsible drinking on campus.

The agency developed the S.M.A.R.T. acronym and logo for the student group, which stands for Students Managing Alcohol Responsibly Together. From that, the agency then created the “Be SMART About It” campaign, which consisted of various posters displayed on campus, as well as a variety of promotional items, such as t-shirts, bookmarks and lanyards that were distributed to students. The creative of the campaign focused on the fact that most students engage in binge drinking with the goal of “having a good time,” however very often the result of binge drinking is quite the opposite. Various executions show the reality of drinking irresponsibly…from ruining your night by getting sick to ending up in embarassing positions to making a mistake such as a DUI that can affect you well into the future.

The agency also developed various guerrilla marketing items such as static clings, which were applied to the mirrors inside campus restrooms, floor adhesives placed throughout campus hallways and a series of lifelike mannequins, which were posed randomly throughout campus in various positions (such as passed out on a classroom desk) to illustrate the “reality” of binge drinking.