Case Study: Freek Republik Guerilla Marketing Campaign

In 2008, PG Creative was commissioned to create a guerilla marketing campaign for the State of Florida, targeting high school teens.

The goal of the campaign was to communicate an anti-drug and alcohol message that did not feel like it was coming from adults, rather that the message was an organic movement created and promoted by teens themselves. Given these parameters, PG Creative created the Freek Republik campaign, which was partly inspired by the Straight Edge punk movement of the 1980s, an organic movement of teenagers who chose to live alcohol, tobacco and drug free.

The idea behind the campaign was that “FREEks” were kids who choose to live their lives FREE of alcohol, tobacco and drugs and the FREEk Republik was a movement of kids who were living this FREE lifestyle. The agency created an edgy look, which actually included three different logos, so that it did not feel necessarily like a uniform campaign. Various promotional items were also created, such as guitar picks, dog tags, bracelets and patches. These items were distributed on high school campuses by kids themselves, and teams of kids would regularly blanket the schools with posters, stickers and flags promoting the message and website. On the accompanying website, teens would see videos create by other teens and could post to message boards, discussing their drug-free choices.