Case Study: Lee County Schools Social Norms Campaign

As part of their ongoing efforts to curb underage substance abuse, the Lee County Public Schools has looked to PG Creative for several years to develop and help implement alcohol and drug prevention campaigns in their schools.

The agency has developed several campaigns for the school district for both middle and high schools, using a social norms approach. This approach, backed by statistical data, reinforced the fact that most students are not engaging in alcohol, drug and tobacco use…that being drug and alcohol-free, is in fact the norm. The campaigns over the years have used various humorous approaches to communicate the social norms messages. For example, one campaign for middle school students featured spoofs of popular movies to get kids’ attention, while delivering the social norms statistics.

The campaigns are implemented on all middle school and high school campuses in the district. Posters are displayed and rotated throughout the year and the core messages of the campaign are reinforced by a variety of promotional items that are distributed to students. These include t-shirts, awareness bracelets, pocket folders, pens, and more.