Alcohol Campaigns

We offer several pre-designed campaigns for alcohol prevention targeting a variety of audiences, including middle school teens, high school teens, college students, parents and retailers. Whether your goal is to curb underage drinking, combat binge drinking among college students, educate parents on how to talk to their children about alcohol or encourage retailers to prevent underage alcohol sales, we offer a variety of campaigns that can help you communicate your message. Many of these campaigns also utilize a social norms approach, which use normative messages to help change misconceptions about alcohol consumption rates. Social norms campaigns have become an increasingly popular and effective way to change attitudes and usage rates among students.

Check back often as we add new campaigns on a regular basis. And if you don’t see a campaign here that specifically covers your topic, we can also create a custom alcohol prevention campaign for you.

(Please note that some of these campaigns also include drug and/or tobacco prevention messages, which can be omitted if your focus is solely on alcohol.)