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For over 15 years, PG Creative has been working with coalitions, non-profit organizations and schools across the country in developing awareness campaigns on a variety of topics. From underage drinking to parent education to prescription drug abuse, we have developed custom awareness campaigns on a wide range of subjects.

As part of a custom campaign package, we can develop your message to be communicated in a variety of media, including but not limited to posters, display advertising, direct mail, billboard, transit, radio, television, websites, email, brochures and promotional items. We can also help you develop and execute ideas for guerrilla marketing tactics. Best of all, we can work with almost any budget.

Call us today at (305) 350-7995 or email us at for a free, no-obligation consultation to find out how PG Creative can create a custom campaign for your organization that meets your goals and budget.

The Process


We begin by having a conversation to get to know your goals, understand the challenges you face and work out how we can achieve your objectives within your  budget.


We brainstorm ideas and present you with various creative concepts for your campaign. We can conduct preliminary research or assist you with your own research to test the ideas, if needed.


Once the concept is finalized, we'll design and produce all your campaign elements. We work with you every step of the way to make sure we keep the production costs within the budgeted amounts.


Now it's time to put it into motion, and we can work with through the process. We can help you with implementation ideas, coordinate with media outlets and more.

Campaign Case Studies

  • Drug Free Charlotte County

    PG Creative has been working with Drug Free Charlotte County for over 15 years. DFFC is a leader in community prevention efforts and is a model coalition that won Coalition of the Year honors from CADCA in 2011.


    Throughout our long-standing partnership, the agency has developed a custom campaign for both middle and high school students each year for the coalition. Many of the campaigns used a social norms approach as well. The campaigns consisted of 10-12 poster designs plus a full range of apparel and promotional items to reinforce the messages both on campus and throughout the community.

    Many of these campaigns have gone on to be used in other communities through licensing agreements with DFCC, including the popular Friday Night Done Right campaign. PG Creative also developed various parent initiatives for DFCC. Among these are Be the Wall®, OK to Say NO and Verify Truth.

  • Fairfield University

    PG Creative was contracted by Fairfield University in Connecticut to develop a wide range of prevention projects. The agency was tasked with branding a student organization and developing several campaigns, including campaigns on responsible drinking and the dangers of prescription drugs.


    The agency also assisted the university and its student group with implementing various guerrilla marketing tactics to use on campus throughout the year. One of the tactics included life-size dummies that were staged across the campus in various drinking-related scenarios. 


    PG also aided the private university with posters and collateral for their Red Watch Band Program. And the agency developed a range of brochures and collateral materials for various on-campus programs related to student health and services. This included brochures on prescription drugs, substance abuse recovery and more.

  • State of Florida

    In 2008, PG Creative created a campaign for the state of Florida, targeting high school teens. The goal was to communicate an anti-drug and alcohol message that did not feel like it was coming from adults, but rather felt more grassroots. PG Creative created the Freek Republik campaign, which was partly inspired by the Straight Edge punk movement of the 1980s, an organic movement of teenagers who chose to live alcohol, tobacco and drug free. 

    The idea behind the campaign was that FREEk Republic was a movement of teens who choose to live their lives FREE of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. PG created an edgy look, including 3 logo designs. Various promo items, such as guitar picks, dog tags, bracelets and patches were distributed on high school campuses by kids themselves. They would also regularly blanket the schools with posters, stickers and flags promoting the website. On the website, teens would see videos created by other teens and could post to message boards, discussing their drug-free choices.

  • Be The Wall®

    The Be the Wall campaign is an alcohol initiative for parents designed by PG Creative for the state of Florida in 2009 in conjunction with Drug Free Charlotte County (DFCC). The campaign encourages parents to stand up to their teenage children when it comes to underage drinking and “Be the Wall” between them and alcohol.


    The campaign consists of various phases of posters, a website and a full range of promotional items. The campaign informs parents about the importance of preventing underage drinking, including the effects on the teen brain and provides useful tips.

    The campaign was originally implemented across Florida, but became so popular that DFCC began making it available for licensing nationwide. Today, countless coalitions have implemented the campaign from coast to coast. If you are interested in learning more about the Be the Wall campaign or licensing it for your community, please contact Diane Ramseyer of DFCC at (941) 255-0808, ext. 3205.

  • Lee County Public Schools

    Lee County Public Schools in Florida has looked to PG Creative for several years to develop and help implement alcohol and drug prevention campaigns in their schools. The agency has developed several campaigns for the district for both middle and high schools, using a social norms approach. This approach, backed by statistical data, reinforces the fact that most students are not engaging in alcohol, drug and tobacco use.


    The campaigns over the years have used various humorous approaches to communicate the social norms messages. For example, one campaign for middle school students featured spoofs of popular movies to get kids’ attention, while delivering the social norms statistics.

    The campaigns are implemented on all campuses in the district. Posters are displayed and rotated throughout the year and the core messages are reinforced by a variety of promotional items that are distributed to students.

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