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Pre-Designed Campaigns

Our pre-designed campaigns offer an opportunity for smaller organizations to conduct their own professionally developed prevention campaign. Each campaign consists of a base series of posters that can be implemented in various media including print, outdoor, social media and more. A wide range of signage options and promotional items are available to help you reinforce the message. And best of all, the campaigns are customizable. We can add your logo, your statistics, any required funding lines and can even edit some of the verbiage to fits your community's needs.

The campaigns are designed to work with almost any budget. Licensing fees are built right into the prices. So you can purchase only what you need. If you need a different quantity other than our standard quantities, we can custom quote you. And if you are looking for a promotional item we don't have in our standard catalog, we can custom quote that for you as well!


The Benefits


Our pre-designed campaigns are ready to implement...each professionally researched, written and designed.


You can create your own campaign package based on your budget. Since our licensing fees are built into product pricing, purchase only what  you need.


Our pre-designed campaigns are developed with smaller organizations in mind. Get  professionally produced 

campaigns without the big budget.


We can add your logo, statistics and funding line. We can even change colors, modify some text and create your own promotional items.

 Imagine the possibilities!

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